domenica 3 giugno 2012

Free Radio Victoria 6290 QSL

L'emittente "pirata" olandese operata da Frank mi ha confermato con e-mail, allegando QSL e lettera di verifica, l'ascolto effettuato il 12 maggio scorso sui 6290 kHz. Questa la cortese mail di Frank:

Hello Alessandro
Thank you for the reception report from 12-05-2012 on 6290 khz. Date, time, frequency are correct.
In the appendix is a confirmation and a email qsl card for you in PDF. The name is Free Radio Victoria and started on shortwave in januari 2001. I'm telling you this because there are so mutch Victoria,s on shortwave and more. When i was searching for a name for my station i d,nt know this .
Now my name distinguish hisself by FREE before it. I'm not every weekend on the air, [....] In combination with this it's not very clever to be on the air every weekend . The chance of getting raided if you do this is 50% . Anyway I'am still there, if you want more information please ask.
Hope to receive more receptions from you in future .
Thank you again and greetings to you and your family.

73's Free Radio Victoria 73's
Operator Frank

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